• John Henry1:59
  • Little Sadie2:35
  • I'll Fly Away3:59
  • It Is Up To Me (Speak To Me)4:03

  • I'll Fly Away3:59
  • 09 Redemption, Baby It's Alright4:15
  • 01 Blowin In The Wind3:36
  • 03 Nta Kibazo4:30
  • 10 The Walk Never Ends My Child4:16
  • 04 Hard Times Come Again No More5:50
  • 05 Jesus You're My Buddy3:36

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Work & Style Samples

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  • Rock Salt and Nails5:02
  • John Henry1:59
  • The Last Thing On My Mind4:39
  • Talk About Suffering3:36
  • Grandma's Two-Step3:20
  • Redemption Baby It's Alright4:15
  • I'll Fly Away3:59